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Camera KeyframingCamera Keyframing
shadowness.com - How to play with camera
3ds Max » Basics 374 views
Making a Basic Rope in 3ds Max by Travis WilliamsMaking a Basic Rope in 3ds Max by Travis Williams
3dtotal.com - In this video tutorial Travis Williams demonstrates a range of techniques in 3ds Max, including modeling, pelt-unwrapping, texturing and path deforming.
3ds Max » Basics 506 views
3D LOD Subdivision - 3ds Max Tutorial by Tiago Mederios3D LOD Subdivision - 3ds Max Tutorial by Tiago Mederios
3dtotal.com - In this tutorial, Tiago Mederios looks at using 3D LOD subdivision in Max to make a scene lighter to render by optimizing the number of used polygons.
3ds Max » Basics 324 views
Using MentalRay ProxyUsing MentalRay Proxy
cgarena.com - In this video tutorial you will learn how to use Mental ray proxy to decrease your rendering time and enhance your work in large setup
3ds Max » Basics 388 views
What are these things in 3d?What are these things in 3d?
cgarena.com - There are few questions which always rise in forum like what is 3d graphics, modeling, which softwares. So, in this article you will understand...
3ds Max » Basics 353 views
3ds Max Tips & Tricks3ds Max Tips & Tricks
3dtotal.com - Tom Isaksen brings some more 3ds Max tips and tricks our way in this quick little tutorial....
3ds Max » Basics 376 views
Mp3 Player - Complete ProjectMp3 Player - Complete Project
tutorialsfor3dsmax.blogspot.com - From this tutorial you will learn how to model, texture and render an Mp3 Player.
3ds Max » Basics 279 views
Camera Matching in Six Steps in 3ds Max by Ciro SanninoCamera Matching in Six Steps in 3ds Max by Ciro Sannino
3dtotal.com - Ciro Sannino brings us this neat Camera Matching tutorial in 3ds Max. And for those who prefer watching to reading, there's also a quick video walkthrough of the process!
3ds Max » Basics 223 views
Importing Content Into UDK using 3ds MaxImporting Content Into UDK using 3ds Max
3dmotive.com - This video will cover the basic pipeline for exporting custom static meshes from 3ds Max and importing them into UDK. Basic material creation and assignment will also be covered.
3ds Max » Basics 386 views
3ds Max tips and tricks3ds Max tips and tricks
characterink.com - Here is a list of some of my favorite tips and tricks when using 3D studio Max. Most of the tips should be valid for newer versions of 3d studio Max.
3ds Max » Basics 221 views
Free up memory in 3ds MaxFree up memory in 3ds Max
characterink.com - Quick tip on how to clean up some memory if you have problems running your scene or crash on render.
3ds Max » Basics 309 views
Basics of 3D Studio Max - (Video Tutorial)Basics of 3D Studio Max - (Video Tutorial)
stunningmesh.com - As we promise that we would be uploading Video Tutorials about 3D Studio Max, so here is the first Video Tutorial. In this tutorial you will learn Basics of 3D Studio Max, environment, tools etc. Hopefully you will like this style.
3ds Max » Basics 237 views
Creating a lightmap channel in 3ds MaxCreating a lightmap channel in 3ds Max
3dmotive.com - In this video we will cover how to create a second UV set for your game assets using 3ds Max. With this second UV set, we can take advantage of lightmaps inside of a game engine such as UDK.
3ds Max » Basics 241 views
Creating a SkydomeCreating a Skydome
3dmotive.com - In this video we'll start by using Photoshop to create a spherical map of our sky which we'll then UVW map to a sky model inside of 3ds Max. This skydome can serve as a backdrop for our scene in 3ds Max, or inside of a game engine.
3ds Max » Basics 226 views
Creating & Texturing A Football / Soccer ball using 3ds MaxCreating & Texturing A Football / Soccer ball using 3ds Max
3dtotal.com - Themis Benetatos show us how to create and texture a football / soccer ball using 3ds Max.
3ds Max » Basics 228 views
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