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Google Glass: The Next Big Thing in Photography?Google Glass: The Next Big Thing in Photography? - The tech world is buzzing with news about Google Glass, the Internet giant's latest innovation. With Google having recently released the developer version of this wearable technology, people are starting to get the chance to try out Glass' capabilities, p
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Lenses for Nature and Bird PhotographyLenses for Nature and Bird Photography - When talking about bird and nature photography, there's one name that irreversibly must be mentioned. Arthur Morris, an inspiring veteran photographer from Canon, teaches and instructs you extensively on a (really) wide range of lenses to use in this kind
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Lenses for BeginnersLenses for Beginners - A good lens is a wonderful thing - and every bit as important as a good camera body. But which lens, or lenses, to get started? Your choice depends on what you'd like to shoot and on your budget. In this tutorial I'll try and point you towards options tha
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Must-Have Equipment for Professional Wedding PhotographersMust-Have Equipment for Professional Wedding Photographers - When it comes to taking professional quality wedding images the lens is much more important than the camera body itself. This doesn't mean get the cheapest camera body that you can find. This article outlines different equipment used in wedding photograph
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How Photography Client Guides Work for BusinessesHow Photography Client Guides Work for Businesses - A vital part of running a photography business is managing your client's expectations! This is where a client guide comes in, it is essentially a booklet or pamphlet that walks the clients through the booking process, informs them about you, pricing, what
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Best Canon Lenses for Portraits & OtherBest Canon Lenses for Portraits & Other - Canon lenses are by far the most adaptable and widely used by professional photographers and home users alike. Let's take a look at a few of the great lenses Canon is offering during the holiday season.
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HDR Photo SoftwareHDR Photo Software - High dynamic range, or HDR photography has been rapidly growing in popularity lately, with websites like Flickr and PictureSocial overflowing with images created using the technique. It is possible to create HDR photos in Photoshop; however, there are a c
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Pancake LensPancake Lens - The concept of the pancake lens has interested me for a while now, so when Canon announced its new 40mm pancake lens I bought one. So far it has proved a useful addition to my lens collection. But what exactly is a pancake lens? Is the lens as good in pra
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Using LCD Viewfinders with DSLRs for PhotographyUsing LCD Viewfinders with DSLRs for Photography - If your a gadget oriented photographer, you might want to explore the idea of using a magnetic LCD viewfinder to help get your photographs right before you even take them. A LCD viewfinder is a tool that is widely used by videographers, but still relative
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XQD Memory Cards for Digital CamerasXQD Memory Cards for Digital Cameras - Just as digital cameras are improving, so do the memory cards. They're partners anyway hence, it's just fitting that when one advances, the other follows suit.
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How Robotic DSLR Cameras Will Work at the OlympicsHow Robotic DSLR Cameras Will Work at the Olympics - Over a month prior to the 2012 Olympics, photographers arrived to begin building and installing robotic units in twelve Olympic venues, including two new robotic underwater units. In this video, we get an insiders look at the new technology being implemen
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DSLR vs Bridge CameraDSLR vs Bridge Camera - Most people will have a “point & shoot” digital camera somewhere. They are ideal for carrying around in your pocket or bag. Most will take relatively good pictures, in most situations. But what about when you want better pictures than your little
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What is HDR Photography?What is HDR Photography? - One of the latest technologies, which have taken photography to new heights, is High Dynamic Range or HDR photography.
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5 Pieces of Equipment You Should Carry for any Photo Excursion5 Pieces of Equipment You Should Carry for any Photo Excursion - We all know camera equipment is heavy and expensive, hence taking all this in the outdoors represents a risk and a burden. You have to be extremely careful of what you put into your bag, since there's no turning back; you will have to carry that equipment
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Choosing a Digital Camera for a ChildChoosing a Digital Camera for a Child - Which camera should you get for your child? This article is divided into age groupings to help you decide what kind of camera would be best for your child. The age guidelines are simply a starting point, as kids progress at their own pace, and some will b
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