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How to Edit Photos in LightroomHow to Edit Photos in Lightroom - While Photoshop has some excellent features for editing photographs, it's not necessarily known as fast way to edit multiple images. That's where Lightroom comes into play. According to Future Media Concept's Katherine Houghton, we should be thinking of L
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Photography Filters: Types and UsesPhotography Filters: Types and Uses - Filters are very underestimated, and these days since you can add them in Photoshop many photographers don't even try them anymore. However, filters still play a very important role, and if you can understand how filters work and what they can be used for
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10 Comfort and Productivity Tips For Female Wedding Photographers10 Comfort and Productivity Tips For Female Wedding Photographers - As a woman, and as a photographer, there are many things you can do that men can't. Compared to a man, a woman in a bride's changing room, can make the bridal "getting ready" photos more comfortable and less stressful for the bride. Women photog
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Is Photoshop CS6 Worth the Upgrade?Is Photoshop CS6 Worth the Upgrade? - While many of the improvements are best suited to, and for the benefit of, hard-core designers, overall I think advanced users can find a speedier workflow and improved finished photo edit quality.
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Guide to Selecting a Camera and GearGuide to Selecting a Camera and Gear - So I put together a short list of some of my favorite gear - I do not own all of it but I've used them and I highly recommend all this stuff - so if you're ever looking to buy any of the stuff listed here, do not hesitate, I personally guarantee their awe
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How Does Image Stabilization Work?How Does Image Stabilization Work? - Ever wonder how the image stabilization mechanism in your lens works? So did the folks over at Camera Technica. They took apart one of their Canon 18-55mm lenses to see the device in action and ended up getting some great footage of the image stabilizatio
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Video Features on the Canon 5D Mark IIIVideo Features on the Canon 5D Mark III - There's been a lot of buzz about the Canon 5D Mark III going around the photography world lately and it's no wonder why. Canon upted the ante on the latest 5D, packing it with new functions and time saving features, making it a photographers dream.
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Photography Lighting with Reflectors and StrobesPhotography Lighting with Reflectors and Strobes - This article explains the in's and out's of using light reflectors, then combining the reflectors with strobe lights and natural lighting to deliver perfectly lit scenes.
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Top 10 Underwater Photography Questions AnsweredTop 10 Underwater Photography Questions Answered - Here are a set of 10 frequently asked questions for first-time underwater or waterproof digital camera buyers and my advice for each.
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Kodachrome FilmKodachrome Film - Kodachrome revolutionized the world of photography, bringing color into a world that was previously seen in black in white.
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Best Canon Lenses for Certain Types of PhotographyBest Canon Lenses for Certain Types of Photography - Shooting high-action events require on-the-spot configurations and super-fast autofocus details to capture the nuances of the moving subjects.
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Best Vintage Photo Apps For iPhoneBest Vintage Photo Apps For iPhone - App developers wasted no time in creating vintage photo apps which make your photo look like they were shot 50 years ago. These photos look like distant memories already the moment they are taken and they radiate a warm, nostalgic feeling.
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Lens Cap Keeper to Protect EquipmentLens Cap Keeper to Protect Equipment - A lens cap keeper can save you a lot of hassle and ensure the protection of your camera lens. Learn what its design is and how it works. You will certainly be amazed how functional this creative solution is.
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Quezon CityQuezon City - An exciting city destination in Philippines is Quezon City.It was the former capital of Philippines has developed in to a major tourist hub offering plenty of striking attractions.The city enjoys a monsoonal climate of both dry and wet seasons.
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What Type of Lens to Use for Specific Situations?What Type of Lens to Use for Specific Situations? - The lens is the “eye” of your camera and plays the key role in capturing clarity, color and details of each image. Whether you are a specialized or a beginner photographer choosing right lens will definitely elevate your photography.
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