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How to Use an Umbrella in PhotographyHow to Use an Umbrella in Photography - What the umbrella does is diffuse light to enable you to achieve a softer lighting in your images. So instead of letting light directly focus on the subject, the umbrella bounces of the light in different directions. The result is a clearer image with sof
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How to Create a Home Photo Studio on a BudgetHow to Create a Home Photo Studio on a Budget - Do you dream of setting up your own home studio but have always found the cost too high? Fear not help is at hand. All you need is the space to take photographs and some basic equipment. The tips in this article will have you up and running in no time at
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Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro Lens ReviewTamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro Lens Review - Tamron outdid themselves with their latest Tamron 90mm f/2.8 lens, thanks to its affordability, superior Bokeh handling, and optical performance.
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Prime Lens 50mm f1.8 reviewPrime Lens 50mm f1.8 review - A look at Canon , Nikon and Sony 50mm f1.8 lenses.
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Prime Lenses: Pros and ConsPrime Lenses: Pros and Cons - Prime lenses are the most coveted and preferred lenses, not without reason. With fixed local lengths these lenses provide the best possible results and truly complement a professional camera's raw power combined with the photographer's honed skills.
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DSLR Camera Kits Under $500 reviewDSLR Camera Kits Under $500 review - Canon vs. Nikon vs. Sony cameras review
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Do You Really Need A Macro Photography Lens?Do You Really Need A Macro Photography Lens? - In order to answer this question, you really need to decide how good you want your images to be. And a second consideration is whether you want true 1:1 magnification. If you want excellent quality and true macro magnification.
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How to Use an Intervalometer in Time-lapse PhotographyHow to Use an Intervalometer in Time-lapse Photography - Are you fond of capturing images that need to be shown in sequence? Or are you planning to engage in such activity known as time lapse photography? If so, then you need the help of an interval timer.
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Photographer Gift IdeasPhotographer Gift Ideas - As the holiday season approaches, many of you may be looking for gift ideas for your peers or that special photographer in your life.
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Polarizer Filters In PhotographyPolarizer Filters In Photography - If there's one important digital camera accessory that professional photographers carry apart from the lens, it has to be the polarizer. It cannot be denied that the polarizer does wonders to images.
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Bridge Cameras Vs Point and Shoot CamerasBridge Cameras Vs Point and Shoot Cameras - Over recent years there has been an explosion in the range of digital cameras. Although there has been a move away from ‘traditional' type of compact cameras and Digital Single Lens Reflex.
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Various Uses for a Reflector During a Photo ShootVarious Uses for a Reflector During a Photo Shoot - I rejoice working with reflectors during my outdoor photo shoots. This is for the simple reason that it can be used in a number of different ways. It purely makes your photographic life much easier.
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Photography Situations Where a Tripod is BeneficialPhotography Situations Where a Tripod is Beneficial - When you need to take those close-up shots, using the tripod is also beneficial. Unaware to many of you, working close to your subjects can sometimes cause a blur.
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Lens Length and Other FactorsLens Length and Other Factors - Perhaps one of the more confusing subjects in the world of digital cameras is lens length. We hear terms like “telephoto”, “wide angle”, “field of view”, “5X” and a host of others to describe our lenses.
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Diopter Lenses: Understanding How They Relate to PhotographyDiopter Lenses: Understanding How They Relate to Photography - As photographers, we want to show ordinary things in an extraordinary angle. And what best way to do this but to zoom in and magnify parts and bring the smallest objects into literally larger than life sizes.
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