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The Complete Guide to Your Hot Shoe FlashThe Complete Guide to Your Hot Shoe Flash - Adding a flash or two to your gear bag presents countless opportunities to further enhance your photographs. So, today we present the complete guide to the different functions your flash (as well as some real-world applications!)
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How To Use a Grey Card in PhotographyHow To Use a Grey Card in Photography - Grey cards are pre-printed cards that contain certain percentages of grey, and which tell the camera's white balance how to adjust to a more accurate rendering of the colour temperature of the light source.
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Camera Sensor and Lens Feature ExplanationsCamera Sensor and Lens Feature Explanations - Every digital camera has a wide mixture of parameters and factors that we should considered. Today we focus on two of the most important ones. One is in the camera: the sensor and its resolution in mega pixels.
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Camera Tripod Head TypesCamera Tripod Head Types - The tripod head is an essential part of the tripod. This is what holds the camera in position as needed. Camera tripod heads come in different types. Some of these are meant for specific purposes while others are more versatile in its use.
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How to Build Your Own Digital SLR Video Dolly for Under $20How to Build Your Own Digital SLR Video Dolly for Under $20 - With video capability in Digital SLRs becoming ever-more pervasive, there's an increasing demand for accessories and gadgets to help produce fantastic video footage with your camera. A “dolly” is a gadget designed to make smooth camera movements in vi
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The Complete Guide to Renting a Lens OnlineThe Complete Guide to Renting a Lens Online - There's no doubt that photography can become an expensive hobby or career. The market keeps producing faster, better cameras and lenses. You love to use professional quality lenses, but it's hard to justify such a purchase if only using that special lens
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Best Cameras From Point-And-Shoot To Digital SLRBest Cameras From Point-And-Shoot To Digital SLR - Some extensive research to find the best camera to buy in five different categories: Budget Point-and-Shoot, Best Enthusiast Point-and-Shoot, Best Entry-Level DSLR, Best Semi-Pro DSLR, and Best Professional Full Frame DSLR.
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Guide to Buying Or Cleaning a Used Camera LensGuide to Buying Or Cleaning a Used Camera Lens - There are useful checks you can make before you lay out your hard earned cash on a lemon, or to use on your own lens before shooting. Lens faults will degrade the image you are so carefully trying to make.
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Digital Camera Memory Cards ExplainedDigital Camera Memory Cards Explained - Buying a memory card is usually the first item purchased for your new digital SLR camera. Purchasing a card may seem like a very easy procedure. But that will change once you start researching them.
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Special Effect Filters: Star, Fog, Centre-Spot & DFNSpecial Effect Filters: Star, Fog, Centre-Spot & DFN - Today we continue our investigation into photography filters, following on from our previous look at a selection of special effect filters. We'll be introducing you to the second batch of wacky and wonderful filters today - star, fog and center spot to na
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Special Effect Filters: Multivision, Close-Up, Sepia & InfraredSpecial Effect Filters: Multivision, Close-Up, Sepia & Infrared - Fed up with boring, mundane camera filters? Well, no more! Today we're introducing you to a selection of unusual and interesting filters that can really spice up your photography. These are accessories you'll want to use every day, but they can add a real
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How to Choose a Digital SLR Camera LensHow to Choose a Digital SLR Camera Lens - Do you choose a zoom lens, a wide angle lens, a prime lens or even a fixed aperture lens? This article will explain the attributes of each type.
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Introducing the Wonderful World of 50mm Prime LensesIntroducing the Wonderful World of 50mm Prime Lenses - Well, if you're like most contemporary photographers your first SLR came with a kit zoom lens in the range of around 18-55mm. These are useful lenses, but most photographers find as their experience grows that they soon outgrow the kit zoom lens and need
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DIY: Creating Your Own Ring Lighting SetupDIY: Creating Your Own Ring Lighting Setup - Do-It-Yourself projects are now the new thing to do in your spare time. In this DIY, you will learn how to create a fully functional thirty inch ring light that only costs a fraction of the price of buying one new. So get up off the couch and add a anothe
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A Beginner's Introduction To Flash ModifiersA Beginner's Introduction To Flash Modifiers - Modern Digital SLR flashes do a wonderful job of putting out a large punch of light in a specific direction. Nowadays they even zoom with the lens for more directed light. But what happens when that direct light is too harsh, casting ridged shadows? This
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